FullContact Acquires Mattermark


DENVER, CO,  – FullContact, the global leader in identity resolution APIs, today announced the acquisition of California-based Mattermark, a leading provider of company and key personnel data.  

The acquisition of Mattermark results in a significant augmentation to FullContact’s open insights platform, adding four million companies and over 20 million contacts to their patented identity graph, which already houses data on over 15 million companies and one billion people profiles.

“FullContact exists to enrich relationships and enable authentic connections between people,” said Bart Lorang, CEO and co-founder of FullContact.  “We do this by resolving identities across social and digital channels and providing accurate and meaningful data. By incorporating Mattermark’s unique data set into FullContact, we are able to provide customers with even richer information about companies and key employees.”

Mattermark’s data will complement FullContact’s existing offering, providing additional information about companies’ websites, number of employees, overviews, social profiles, industry data, and contact information.

“Mattermark was started with the mission to organize the world’s business information,” said Danielle Morrill, former CEO of Mattermark, now vice president of product at FullContact. “The addition of Mattermark’s data into FullContact’s identity graph is a continuation of this mission and is excellent news for customers of both companies, as well as the marketplace.”

Added Morill, “We are delighted to join a team with a strong overlap in both employees and customer value propositions.”

In addition to Morrill, FullContact, who currently serves 20,000 customers and over one billion API calls per month, will also be welcoming several other key employees from the Mattermark team into its Engineering and Product Division. Existing Mattermark customers will see no disruption to their current service.

For more information about FullContact’s products and services, please visit: https://www.fullcontact.com.

About FullContact

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