Directly Re-Imagines Customer Care

Say goodbye to long wait times and those painful customer service calls.  Directly, one of our revolutionary startup investments, is hitting full stride in its mission to help companies unlock the on-demand talent around them to serve customers better, faster and cheaper than ever before.  Fast-growing companies like Pinterest, Lyft and Republic Wireless are now using Directly's customer service apps to scale great support. The apps integrate with helpdesk software like Zendesk and Salesforce, intelligently route tickets to expert users on their smartphones, and reward them for quick resolution. Some stats: average experts earn $150 per week, the best earn over $1500; Directly customers see higher CSAT, 50x faster response time, and 2x savings within days. Revenue and ticket volume has been growing 30% per month since May 2014. Here's a Pinterest video case study that captures the impact. The team has worked together at multiple ventures and raised $5.7M from True Ventures, CrunchFund and a set of angels like Ray Lane and Esther Dyson who have backed the team repeatedly. The on-demand economy is changing the way business works. Directly is perfectly positioned to help companies navigate this change.